Consultation Business Compliance

We consult clients on Vietnam’s laws and regulations on business and investment to help mitigate legal risks, and come up with optimal solutions for efficient operation and prosperous development in Vietnam.

  • Business conditions requirements: We assist foreign and Vietnamese enterprises to implement business conditions following the law and carry out necessary procedures to meet the requirements.
  • Corporate tax consultation: We offer corporate tax consultancy to ensure that our clients are in full compliance with tax regulations.
  • Government Relations and Stakeholders Management: Our Government Relations and Stakeholder Management services help clients establish strong and impactful connections with key stakeholders.
  • Laws and Policies Monitoring: Our laws and policies mornitoring services keep clients informed and prepared for changes in legal regulations and government policies that may impact their business and investment activities in Vietnam.
  • Trade remedies and unfair competition: We offer legal advice and support for businesses seeking to initiate lawsuits, initiate trade remedies such as anti-dumping or circumvention measures, and combat unfair competition within the domestic market.