Consultation on Foreign Investment

Our firm offers comprehensive support for companies looking to invest, establish, and conduct business in Vietnam. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Providing expert legal advice on Vietnam’s commitments related to services and investment, as well as guidance on selecting favorable sectors in accordance with Vietnam’s FTAs, investment-related agreements, as well as domestic regulations.
  • Assisting with the legal process of obtaining business licenses, investment certificates, and eligibility certificates in conditional business sectors or new lines of products/services in compliance with Vietnamese investment regulations.
  • Facilitating connections with potential business partners and mutually beneficial networks in Vietnam.
  • Providing expert consultation on regulations relevant to clients’ specific sectors.
  • Supporting clients in navigating disputes and lawsuits through providing expert legal advice and representation.
  • Helping clients establish strong and impactful connections with key stakeholders, including government agencies, local authorities, trade and investment organizations, bussiness partners, etc.